Posted on Nov 17, 2013
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This is slightly off my usual behind the scenes topic I usually post with all the video projects I have been doing but this was something I had to write about because it meant more to my wife and I than we can express.  This single blog post about our new venture into making canvas and wood signs with a purpose, has given us more hope than we could have asked for.  We started our company Hailey Jasmine Designs because we wanted to make something meaningful out of the loss of our second daughter Hailey while also bringing hope to others with the words we put on these signs.  I was simply blown away with the kind words and encouragement I heard through this blog post.  Check out the article here:

Here’s some more information on Wendy Del Signore, the writer of the blog:


Also, check out our new store if you haven’t already and order yourself something you see listed or just ask for a custom sign and we will make it happen.

Etsy Shop:

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Posted on Jul 18, 2013
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I had an awesome time filming my niece Gracie and her turning 1 year old.  She had a colorful candy themed party decorated by my sister and Mom in the style I knew they could pull off.  It was really cool to finally hang out and get this video shot with some of my simple camera equipment.  I did however use my Cinevate slider (atlas 10) to capture some really cool shots of her room and the best part was filming her eating cake for the first time.  I am pretty sure her foot tasted the cake first but that’s another story.  I also used my GoPro as a B camera to get those fun wide angles of everything.  Check out the video and my beautiful niece!



Posted on Apr 20, 2013

Just starting on a video project with my friend David Ruybalid on his new upcoming worship EP album.  He will be seeking funding on Kickstarter to get this project rolling.  Here are some of today’s screenshots from the video footage.  Sure glad he could play our out of tune piano from my childhood.  Here is David’s website and a kickstarter link will be added here soon too.

Posted on Nov 14, 2012
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The beach house video was difficult to make for many reasons.  Having a full time job where I edit all day really makes it hard to edit family style videos like I used to do all the time.  I have dedicated this video to my family because this is a place where we go and find relaxation and healing.  The healing process is a long hard road and there doesn’t seem to be an end but there are days where I can just sit back and enjoy life.  Watching my daughter Tamara run around and have so much fun at the beach makes for an amazing few days no matter how cold it is outside.  Everyone should have a place where they find refuge and can enjoy God’s beautiful creation.  My daughter Hailey would have enjoyed this place as much as we do playing in the sand and hanging out with family.

On a technical note I filmed this video over the course of a few months and finally was able to put something together that was fun to watch.  I filmed with my GoPro Hero camera that I attached to my old monopod.  You will notice the low angles and really high angles which were filmed with this camera.  Also, this camera can go anywhere like in the water, a bucket filled with water, sand, on my head, around my chest, and on a pole/monopod.  I also used my Glidecam HD 4000 with both the GoPro and Canon T2i attached.  I was able to walk around on the sand and get some pretty smooth shots but this was very difficult since sand is a very uneven surface to walk on let alone try and hold a camera while walking.  My favorite shots were with my Cinevate Atlas 10 slider (on sale now!).  I was hesitant to bring this out on the sand because of the sand possibly getting inside the bearings.  I ended up being very careful and covered the legs with ziplock bags that were taped in order to protect them from the sand.  My Titan Matte box came in handy with some of the timelapse sequences using ND filters to get the sunset.  The GoPro was also used for a sunset timelapse and it did pretty well capturing the bright sky.

Music is something that helps carry the images along and I chose The Echelon Effect because of their style sound.  The title of the song “Handing Over To Summer” seemed to be a perfect match for the beginning of the video.  The second choice was an easy one.  I chose a song that Tamara knows ALL of the lyrics to and requests this specific song every time we drive somewhere.  The Afters is the band and the song is “Life is Beautiful”.  I knew a long time ago that this would be her song because she instantly loved the song when she first heard it.

Buy their music on iTunes: The Afters – Life is Beautiful

The Echelon Effect – Handing Over To Summer

Video and Pictures below.

Posted on Oct 05, 2012
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I had the most fun shooting these last couple days with friends than I have had in a long time.  It was the best experience being able to work with professionals outside of my day job and doing something creative.  Matt McDonald @TheMcDo is the mastermind behind these short comedy sketches that we filmed during a 2 day time schedule.  He setup everything, organized everything, and even had a casting call with real actors who were more than happy to help out with his scripts.  The crew was even laughing during each take when the actors pulled off each line written by Matt.  I was really excited that I could be apart of this whole thing and that I could help with providing some production equipment to pull off the shots needed.  After it was all said and done I think we all came away from this experience really happy to have worked together while making someone’s vision (Matt) come true.  Now we wait for the final piece to see our work in a complete short piece.

As far as behind the scenes info is concerned I put 2 GoPro cameras to the test to see if I could capture our activities during production.  Dealing with GoPro placement while also trying to DP the shots for each scene was sometimes a challenge as you will see in the video and images I provide.  There were times that objects obstructed the camera view but was able to capture some of myself in the corner of the image.  I was able to use my experience with my Glidecam to help with some scenes as well as my awesome Atlas 10 slider from Cinevate to help add some movement for some shots.  We used some really nice Zeiss ZE glass which was either rented or owned by a crew member and we shot on Canon 7D’s which was my first time using since I own 2 Canon T2i’s.  I have to say that this camera is definitely a step above of build quality and seemed way easier to balance on my Glidecam HD4000.  I might have to upgrade someday. 🙂  Either way I am ready to work on more projects with any of these guys.

So, here is the video shot with 100% GoPro cameras.


And some pictures from the GoPro angles.

Posted on Oct 03, 2012
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Donald Reeb is my brother-in-law who is beyond gifted in athletisism and proved it when I was able to film his Napa Valley Half Iron Triathlon on May 5, 2012.  I have never been able to see him in action with either his bike races or his triathlon prowess until he came down here to Napa Valley, California.  I decided it was about time I filmed him doing what he does best and that is compete against the best whether it’s in biking or triathlons.  This race wasn’t just an ordinary Triathlon but a qualifying Half-Ironman race which to my surprise Donald finished the race with a 1st place win!  I had cameras rolling the whole time and was able to capture him passing rider after rider during the bike portion of the race.  I used my GoPro mounted to his handle bars right behind his water bottle as he races past the triathletes who swam past him that morning.  His steady pace on the bike and confidence riding helped him achieve a close finish when it came to turning in his bike and running the rest of the distance.  He ends up winning the triathlon.  Here are 2 videos I made showcasing some of his sponsors but first a short teaser video with only the GoPro action.  Enjoy.

Triathlon Teaser Video

Donald Reeb – Triathlete

Posted on Oct 02, 2012
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I had a great experience being able to film the band Curious Quail while they gave an energized live practice session located at Bird in Willow Studios.  The band allowed me to capture their performance of 3 popular songs all while 3 of my cameras were in their faces which they didn’t seem to mind.  I’m glad the camera placement didn’t hinder them at all during their band practice which really seemed like a personal concert for me.  I was blown away by their sound, performance, and professionalism (with a lot of fun throughout).  The music was captured by the professional studio equipment and then later mastered by  band member Steve Garber (bassist & owner of the studio).  After capturing all 3 songs from multiple cameras which did include a GoPro mounted to the mic stand at one point, above the drum set at another, and then a time-lapse in a corner of the room.  My other cameras that I made use of were 2 Canon T2i’s, and a Canon 60D.  Some of the movements in the videos were done with the Cinevate Atlas 10 slider while most other shots were steadied by using my Manfrotto monopod or just handheld.  All of these tools helped achieve each of the music videos look I wanted for their LIVE performances in the studio.  They did an awesome job!  Here are 3 music videos I created from my time with them.  Also, check out this great article review about them.

Death and Taxes Magazine Review

Metro Newspaper with Pics (mega Quail-Jump)

Music Videos:

Disappointed Smiles

The Turnaround

Yesterday I Watched the World End


Follow the band on Twitter to see their latest shows and videos.

Posted on Jun 03, 2012

First I want to thank Gustaf Fjelstrom from Coakley Heagerty for contracting me to help with the Santana Row Fashion Show.  I was honored to be there and help shoot the entire day of models as well as the Row stores and atmosphere.  It was a great learning experience for sure while being able to use my camera gear in order to capture everything needed for that day.  Also, I enjoyed shooting along side my colleague/screen writer Matt McDonald and audio expert Manol Manolov.  We were all lucky that the weather wasn’t too hot even though in the end I was burnt from too much sun and forgetting sunscreen.  But the breeze was nice and we were given a tent for shade.  Thanks to my wife Ranya and her company Style My Heart for following me around the entire day capturing some behind the scenes photos of myself actually working.  This has never been done even though I have always wanted to capture some of the work that goes into getting the images during projects.  Also, keep an eye out for a possible video from Gustaf and the Coakley Heagerty company for a Santana Row video showcasing what we captured that day.

Thanks to Cinevate for their amazing quality built product that can withstand everything you throw at it.  Everything from my Atlas 10 slider to the Titan Mattebox with a Simplis rails system has been able to not only help with production value but also has helped with giving my company the professional look I have been wanting for a long time.  And my wife Ranya for making me those “Nuns Knickers” the night before the shoot.  They came in handy and worked great keeping the light out from behind the mattebox and lens.

Here are some of the bts shots Style My Heart captured of myself working.


Posted on Apr 21, 2012
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This is my first solo music video that I shot by myself and in only 3 takes.  The things I learned from this shoot was that it is best to already have a music track recorded with the song being played while I am filming them playing.  The 3 different takes were hard in Post to match up because of the slightly different temp/beat/lyrics.  I had to look frame by frame in order to try and match up to the single track which ended up being the third take.  The music was mastered by David Ruybalid who is seen in the video as backup vocals to Nicole Garber.  He recorded the track on his laptop in Pro-tools and later gave me the final version of the live recording to work with in my edit.

On a technical note I used 2 Canon T2i’s, Cinevate Atlas 10, Cinevate Titan Mattebox, Cinevate Simplis rig, Glidecam HD4000, Canon 55mm FL lens, Rokinon 14mm, Canon 50mm, and tripods by Bogen/Manfrotto, and of course my trusty Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Monopod.  Oh, and my old school Cullmann 741 Monopod which I purchased in Italy.  I found that the Cinevate slider helped a lot in capturing some nice movement but in the end due to running out of time and only having 3 takes to work with I had to use my Glidecam.  This was fun to use but is a lot of work using for more than 30 seconds.  I shot the entire 3rd take with just the Glidecam which was used the entire 4 1/2 minutes.  The footage was a lot of fun to work with in the end and gave the video a fun look.  I put some frame grabs below and will post the video once it’s done uploading on Vimeo.


Song: Let it Shine

Written by: All Sons and Daughters

Band: The Journey Worship


Posted on Apr 14, 2012
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I filmed recently a very cute newborn baby boy named Landon.  He pretty much is around 2 month old and cooperated with both cameras.  My wife joined was helping me film Landon while representing her newly created company Style My Heart was indispensable because of all the angles and ideas for filming him with his parents.  This was Day 1 of the process and I brought an arsenal of equipment to use which included my Cinevate Atlas 10, Medusa conversion, ifocus from Gini on ebay, and Cinevate Lens Gears, glidecam was also used for a shot or 2.  I found that having a follow focus increased my shots by 75% when used with a monopod or on a slider.  I can’t express enough how having this single device will get you some amazingly smooth shots when racking focus.  I have always tried doing this with just my hand on the lens and it works to some extent but sometimes no matter how smooth you think you are at turning your lens by hand it still shows up as shaky when reviewing the footage.  The monopod is another piece of equipment that I have recently picked up which helps while using a follow focus or just getting those close shots macro shots without picking up any shake in your footage.  It’s way easier to get up close with a monopod than carrying around a tripod with your camera setup.  The top handle and friction arm worked great!  I could hold the camera as low as I could to the ground while filming Landon which wouldn’t have been that easy without laying on the ground the whole time (which I did anyways).  Cinevate and it’s gears with the Gini follow focus (i focus) work perfectly together too.

Another day or two of filming little Landon is needed to get a perfect video together for the parents Randy & Kari but with this new gear it’s making life filming that much easier.