Posted on Sep 03, 2009
Posted in Home Showcases

I shot this beautifully designed home a few months back and really enjoyed the intricate details that went into this home.  It’s called a “Green Home” because of the fact that there are so many energy saving ideas implemented into the design process and then built into the home.  Donald Reeb designed and built this home from the ground up while learning how to make an energy efficient home.  Here is the finished home design which I shot and edited to show off some of the hand crafted features in a creative video.

Posted on Jan 27, 2009
Posted in Home Showcases

I wanted to run a test of how to show off a home that was newly built and for sale.  This video was a first try and not in HD because of the limitations of youtube back then. (video has been removed)

This video was shot on a Canon XL1s with the standard 16X lens but found that a wide angle lens would have been better in showing off each room.  The next camera will definitely be some sort of HD quality or beyond.  The RED Scarlet is the camera to keep an eye on this year and would be the best for shooting creatively no matter what the objective would be.