Posted on Jul 18, 2013
Posted in cinevate, GoPro, Kids

I had an awesome time filming my niece Gracie and her turning 1 year old.  She had a colorful candy themed party decorated by my sister and Mom in the style I knew they could pull off.  It was really cool to finally hang out and get this video shot with some of my simple camera equipment.  I did however use my Cinevate slider (atlas 10) to capture some really cool shots of her room and the best part was filming her eating cake for the first time.  I am pretty sure her foot tasted the cake first but that’s another story.  I also used my GoPro as a B camera to get those fun wide angles of everything.  Check out the video and my beautiful niece!



Posted on Apr 20, 2013

Just starting on a video project with my friend David Ruybalid on his new upcoming worship EP album.  He will be seeking funding on Kickstarter to get this project rolling.  Here are some of today’s screenshots from the video footage.  Sure glad he could play our out of tune piano from my childhood.  Here is David’s website and a kickstarter link will be added here soon too.