Posted on Dec 02, 2009
Posted in BTS, Depth of Field

I have been meaning to write about my 35mm adapter that I use on my Canon HF100 but with so many video projects I have put it off.  So, here is the low down.  I purchased the JAG35st back in May so that I could shoot my sister’s wedding in Hawaii with some old school slr lenses.  I had looked into the many different adapters out there on the market but found myself noticing the amazing videos coming from the inexpensive but professional enough adapters by JAG35.  Once I purchased the JAG35st ( st means static – no moving parts) I started my search of Canon fd lenses.  This was the cheapest way to go if I wanted to get that “film look” in my future video creations.  If you are looking to give your videos a “film look” then check out  They are having holiday sales so some items might be slightly cheaper to purchase this month.  I have enjoyed the JAG35 adapter so much that I bring it wherever I go with my video camera.  It helps me when I want to focus on a specific subject and have the background blurred out.  I always carry my 50mm lens because the depth of field is really short and gives the image a closer more personal look.