Posted on Oct 23, 2010
Posted in BTS

Ok, so most of my ideas come from but that’s what it’s there for right? So here is my latest stabilizing idea created for my T2i and shooting video. First I have my monopod with a Giottos ballhead and quickrelease plate. This allows me to go from one thing to the next quickly without unscrewing the camera from each item like my slider to the monopod to the cage to the skater dolly ect ect. I have the same quickrelease plate on all of these items so I can do this quickly while shooting events or anything else that needs to be shot quickly. Now for the top handle on the T2i I used some extra part which I received after purchasing either the Z96 LED light or friction arm off ebay. At least that’s what I can remember from the last few things I purchased based on again it here). The handle is off of an old tripod head and sticks called Velbon Videomate 500. As of right now the handle kinda moves around because it doesn’t tighten all that well but I can figure that out later. The side handle is from an old SLR camera for mounting a light I believe and giving some stability to the photographer. I also added the neck strap to give some extra safety and stability while using the monopod as suggested by The cool thing is that with the top handle and the side handle attached I can still fit it inside my diy cage (from JustBasl). Of course it kinda looks silly with 2 top handles and an extra side handle inside the cage but at least I don’t have to take everything off in order to fit it inside the cage. Here are some pics (low quality iphone pics).