Posted on Dec 17, 2010
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found a nice Fd to EOS adapter withal glass element to help achieve infinite focus on my T2i. All of my FD lenses now work perfectly on the new Canon T2i. My favorite lens is still the 55mm 1.2 FL Canon lens which I randomly found in an antique store for $30 with 2 other lenses. Of course the 55mm isn’t a true 55mm on the crop sensor of the T2i buy it still creates an amazing image for video.

Now for my latest addition to my production equipment. It’s a Rokinon 14mm lens for Canon digital EOS cameras. I found it on thanks to Emm at He talked about lenses to use while flying on a steadicam or glidecam like I have. I have also researched the prices of both the Rokinon 14mm and the Bower 14mm lens. They are identical lenses but the Rokinon is about $50 cheaper. The quality is really great and it’s all manual controls when used on the T2i which I prefer. I am already used to manual lenses because of the FD lenses I have been using over the past 2 years. I will have some video soon but for now here are some images.

  • Dan

    I am glad you enjoy using your camera and lenses. The FD lenses have always been Stellar performers, Some say better than most of the new Glass that canon is putting out. Especially the legendary performance of that 1.2 lens that you have . Its unfortunate that You wont notice the difference or be able to see the best quality the lenses can produce because your lenses optical performance is now compromised by an optical adapter (adapters that corrective glass). But I’m sure you already know about that being gear-head, and decided that using the lenses on this camera was better than getting the best performance from them with a different digital camera system.
    I personally, having many my MD and FD lenses, decided to used them on a system where i didn’t have to use adapters that contained corrective glass that degraded the image quality and increased the focal length. I loved the FD lenses and still use them on my film cameras. SO when going to digital Staying with a Canon brand camera was not as important as being able to get a Digital camera that i can use my lenses on with the best performance possible. After when you have more money invested in lenses than the camera body , the lenses are the priority