Posted on Apr 13, 2012
Posted in Kids

I had the privilege of filming my nephew Landon a couple of weekends with his parents Randy and Kari at their home.  My wife joined in and helped as a second shooter to capture his everyday life as a new baby with his dad and mom.  I was lucky enough to film him in the early morning sleeping and was there to capture the very moment he woke up.  Luckily he didn’t wake up because of some loud noise from me filming but instead woke up on his own.  The first thing he did was smile even before opening his eyes.  Then he woke up and was all smiles especially when his dad came in to get him up.  The day went really smooth filming and both Randy and Kari were awesome to work with.  I loved how they would let him have playtime on his mat right after he woke up and then Kari would read him a story or two in his rocker.  They also are very active outdoors and showed me how they take Landon with them everywhere around the neighborhood.  He seems to love the fresh air and of course all the activity outside.  The video I created hopefully shows the fun side of their day with Landon and how much they both love their new baby boy.