Posted on Apr 21, 2012
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This is my first solo music video that I shot by myself and in only 3 takes.  The things I learned from this shoot was that it is best to already have a music track recorded with the song being played while I am filming them playing.  The 3 different takes were hard in Post to match up because of the slightly different temp/beat/lyrics.  I had to look frame by frame in order to try and match up to the single track which ended up being the third take.  The music was mastered by David Ruybalid who is seen in the video as backup vocals to Nicole Garber.  He recorded the track on his laptop in Pro-tools and later gave me the final version of the live recording to work with in my edit.

On a technical note I used 2 Canon T2i’s, Cinevate Atlas 10, Cinevate Titan Mattebox, Cinevate Simplis rig, Glidecam HD4000, Canon 55mm FL lens, Rokinon 14mm, Canon 50mm, and tripods by Bogen/Manfrotto, and of course my trusty Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Monopod.  Oh, and my old school Cullmann 741 Monopod which I purchased in Italy.  I found that the Cinevate slider helped a lot in capturing some nice movement but in the end due to running out of time and only having 3 takes to work with I had to use my Glidecam.  This was fun to use but is a lot of work using for more than 30 seconds.  I shot the entire 3rd take with just the Glidecam which was used the entire 4 1/2 minutes.  The footage was a lot of fun to work with in the end and gave the video a fun look.  I put some frame grabs below and will post the video once it’s done uploading on Vimeo.


Song: Let it Shine

Written by: All Sons and Daughters

Band: The Journey Worship