Posted on Oct 02, 2012
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I had a great experience being able to film the band Curious Quail while they gave an energized live practice session located at Bird in Willow Studios.  The band allowed me to capture their performance of 3 popular songs all while 3 of my cameras were in their faces which they didn’t seem to mind.  I’m glad the camera placement didn’t hinder them at all during their band practice which really seemed like a personal concert for me.  I was blown away by their sound, performance, and professionalism (with a lot of fun throughout).  The music was captured by the professional studio equipment and then later mastered by  band member Steve Garber (bassist & owner of the studio).  After capturing all 3 songs from multiple cameras which did include a GoPro mounted to the mic stand at one point, above the drum set at another, and then a time-lapse in a corner of the room.  My other cameras that I made use of were 2 Canon T2i’s, and a Canon 60D.  Some of the movements in the videos were done with the Cinevate Atlas 10 slider while most other shots were steadied by using my Manfrotto monopod or just handheld.  All of these tools helped achieve each of the music videos look I wanted for their LIVE performances in the studio.  They did an awesome job!  Here are 3 music videos I created from my time with them.  Also, check out this great article review about them.

Death and Taxes Magazine Review

Metro Newspaper with Pics (mega Quail-Jump)

Music Videos:

Disappointed Smiles

The Turnaround

Yesterday I Watched the World End


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