Posted on Oct 03, 2012
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Donald Reeb is my brother-in-law who is beyond gifted in athletisism and proved it when I was able to film his Napa Valley Half Iron Triathlon on May 5, 2012.  I have never been able to see him in action with either his bike races or his triathlon prowess until he came down here to Napa Valley, California.  I decided it was about time I filmed him doing what he does best and that is compete against the best whether it’s in biking or triathlons.  This race wasn’t just an ordinary Triathlon but a qualifying Half-Ironman race which to my surprise Donald finished the race with a 1st place win!  I had cameras rolling the whole time and was able to capture him passing rider after rider during the bike portion of the race.  I used my GoPro mounted to his handle bars right behind his water bottle as he races past the triathletes who swam past him that morning.  His steady pace on the bike and confidence riding helped him achieve a close finish when it came to turning in his bike and running the rest of the distance.  He ends up winning the triathlon.  Here are 2 videos I made showcasing some of his sponsors but first a short teaser video with only the GoPro action.  Enjoy.

Triathlon Teaser Video

Donald Reeb – Triathlete