Posted on May 07, 2009
Posted in BTS

The Canon Rebel T1i is now a cheaper dslr camera that can shoot HD video up to 1080p. The only down side is that the 1080p function only allows for 20 frames per second. The minimum fps should be 24 because that is the minimum frame rate for any film. You can however set the camera to shoot 720p @ 30fps which is pretty good for a camera under $900.00. Unlike the Panasonic GH1 the canon cannot follow focus in video mode or at least they aren’t claiming it has that capability. The camera can of course shoot stills at 15.1mp and has an ISO of up to 12,800 for low light situations.

I am still personally waiting for the ultimate in HD cameras. The RED Scarlet which should be available real soon. But until then these other camera companies can give it their best shot with 1080p until the Scarlet blows them out of the water with up to 6k video and stills.

  • HD is quite at an infant stage, the manufacturers are still developing it. I guess, just like you, I have to wait more to get a thoroughly HD cameras in the market