Posted on Nov 14, 2012
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The beach house video was difficult to make for many reasons.  Having a full time job where I edit all day really makes it hard to edit family style videos like I used to do all the time.  I have dedicated this video to my family because this is a place where we go and find relaxation and healing.  The healing process is a long hard road and there doesn’t seem to be an end but there are days where I can just sit back and enjoy life.  Watching my daughter Tamara run around and have so much fun at the beach makes for an amazing few days no matter how cold it is outside.  Everyone should have a place where they find refuge and can enjoy God’s beautiful creation.  My daughter Hailey would have enjoyed this place as much as we do playing in the sand and hanging out with family.

On a technical note I filmed this video over the course of a few months and finally was able to put something together that was fun to watch.  I filmed with my GoPro Hero camera that I attached to my old monopod.  You will notice the low angles and really high angles which were filmed with this camera.  Also, this camera can go anywhere like in the water, a bucket filled with water, sand, on my head, around my chest, and on a pole/monopod.  I also used my Glidecam HD 4000 with both the GoPro and Canon T2i attached.  I was able to walk around on the sand and get some pretty smooth shots but this was very difficult since sand is a very uneven surface to walk on let alone try and hold a camera while walking.  My favorite shots were with my Cinevate Atlas 10 slider (on sale now!).  I was hesitant to bring this out on the sand because of the sand possibly getting inside the bearings.  I ended up being very careful and covered the legs with ziplock bags that were taped in order to protect them from the sand.  My Titan Matte box came in handy with some of the timelapse sequences using ND filters to get the sunset.  The GoPro was also used for a sunset timelapse and it did pretty well capturing the bright sky.

Music is something that helps carry the images along and I chose The Echelon Effect because of their style sound.  The title of the song “Handing Over To Summer” seemed to be a perfect match for the beginning of the video.  The second choice was an easy one.  I chose a song that Tamara knows ALL of the lyrics to and requests this specific song every time we drive somewhere.  The Afters is the band and the song is “Life is Beautiful”.  I knew a long time ago that this would be her song because she instantly loved the song when she first heard it.

Buy their music on iTunes: The Afters – Life is Beautiful

The Echelon Effect – Handing Over To Summer

Video and Pictures below.