Posted on Aug 20, 2009

It’s hard sometimes to be creative and to try being original when it comes to video making. After making my daughters 3 months and up video and then her Almost 9 Months video I feel like I am running out of ideas. I think that things sometimes just happen during the post production process that help tell the story. Whether it’s a new film look or style you stumble upon can totally change the way viewers feel when watching the video creation.

On another note I upload all my work to because the community on this site is amazing. There are so many creative people out there making really cool, different, cinematic videos and sharing them with the world. I love connecting with others across the world and commenting back and forth on each others videos. Having great feedback is essential to making your next video even better. I have seen my own video grow in concept and creation. Also, I get a lot of really cool ideas by watching some of the best shoot their videos whether it be a documentary, wedding film, car racing, comedy sketch, and many others.

In the end it comes down to your own point of view and then your style will come out in every video you create. All I can say is keep up the creativity when making these amazing life stories and events.

Posted on May 31, 2009
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The Hawaii wedding shoot was a complete success! Thanks to all of you who watched online and participated in the chat. The videos on u-stream were also recorded so that others can watch it at anytime. The entire setup with photos and video will be posted once we all return home and edit everything.

Thanks for a beautiful wedding put on by Grace Adkinson-Spencer and Michael Spencer with amazing decorations. And an awesome location provided by Bud and Flora Spencer.

Congratulations to both Donald and Kandice Reeb!

Posted on Mar 19, 2009
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Philip Bloom is an amazing director of photography and has recently created a video explaining the basic fundamentals and physics of 35mm adapters.  He specifically uses the Letus35 brand as he visually demonstrates the differences between using a 35mm adapter on your video camera or just using your stock camera lens.  The way he explains every aspect of 35mm adapters and how Depth of Field (DOF) can benefit your story telling abilities is very easy to follow and understand.  The demonstration also shows us why we need a 35mm adapter to achieve the “film look” on any consumer/prosumer video cameras and why these cameras can’t get that kind of DOF without an adapter.  If you are interested in learning about 35mm adapters and their benefits in helping your videos have that film look, then watch Philip Bloom’s video because it helps answer the many questions you might have regarding these adapters.  Here is the video:

When watching his videos look at how he doesn’t use the “Zoom” function on his high end video cameras.  A nice rule to live by when using your video camera is to move closer to your subject if you want to get a closer picture.  Also, if you are using any 35mm adapter on your video camera you will not be able to use the zoom function because of having to zoom in on the 35mm adapters “focus screen” or “ground glass” which is where the image from whatever lens you use is projected onto.  This is also explained more in his video demonstration.

Also, check out Philip Bloom’s website

Or do a search for Philip Bloom on

Posted on Mar 09, 2009
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I have researched a lot of different types of ways to enhance video in order to keep the viewer interested. 35mm adapters are becoming more available for the home video camera operator. There are also professional adapters that cost a lot more money but can give you a better video image. Of course it also depends on the glass you use on the end of whichever adapter you choose. There are a lot of lenses out there to pick from but the best ones usually cost a lot. Here are some companys that create these adapters. The list shows cheaper less expensive types on up to the best adapters on the market.

Check out to view sample work using many of these adapters. One of the best companies utilizing the brevis adapter is stillmotion. Also, check out Philip Bloom, Tom Guilmette, Casey Warren, and Steve Weiss. These guys either make great videos or just create great product for the prosumer videographer.