Posted on Apr 25, 2011
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I had the priveledge to be involved with interviewing the Mingus family with Randy Ksar. Matt has been given the title “Boy of the Year” because of his very recent history with Leukemia. He is in remission now and can easily be seen as a courageous young boy who fought this difficult battle and won. From the short time I got to hang out at his house I could tell he is living a very normal life as can be expected with a loving and caring family. After interviewing his mother Kat and hearing the very familiar details of what he had to go through at such a young age it makes me realize how much life is so precious. Taking just the little things for granted is something we all should strive not to do and instead enjoy everyday we have with each other.

So, now for technical side of this interview and story. I shot this with 2 Canon T2i’s, FD lenses, diy Igus slider, glidecam hd4000 (t-ball game), zoom h1 audio recorder, sennheiser mics, and a diy skater dolly. After filming the interview, getting shots of Matt playing xbox with his sister, and on another weekend his T-Ball game footage, I ended up with a very informative and captivating story told by his mom Kat. Here is the video and go to for more information on how you can get involved. Thanks for everyone’s support!

Posted on Sep 17, 2010
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This new toy I purchases on eBay is pretty sweet when it comes to Macro shooting on a dslr. It works with both photo and video mode on my Canon T2i. It’s called a Macro Bellows and this one is compatible with an EOS adapter but you can easily buy one for Nikons or any other brand camera. I found it works great with the 18-55mm kit lens the T2i came with. In the photos I used an FD to EOS adapter so I could use my old school Canon lenses. The one pictured is a Vivitar 135mm which works great. It let’s me get the macro shots without being right on top of the subject. And when I say right on top I mean with the lens almost touching the subject as with the kit lens. This is another perfect example of my favorite website helping me find really cool and functional gear at a very cheap price. Go to cheesycam