Posted on Apr 14, 2012
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I filmed recently a very cute newborn baby boy named Landon.  He pretty much is around 2 month old and cooperated with both cameras.  My wife joined was helping me film Landon while representing her newly created company Style My Heart was indispensable because of all the angles and ideas for filming him with his parents.  This was Day 1 of the process and I brought an arsenal of equipment to use which included my Cinevate Atlas 10, Medusa conversion, ifocus from Gini on ebay, and Cinevate Lens Gears, glidecam was also used for a shot or 2.  I found that having a follow focus increased my shots by 75% when used with a monopod or on a slider.  I can’t express enough how having this single device will get you some amazingly smooth shots when racking focus.  I have always tried doing this with just my hand on the lens and it works to some extent but sometimes no matter how smooth you think you are at turning your lens by hand it still shows up as shaky when reviewing the footage.  The monopod is another piece of equipment that I have recently picked up which helps while using a follow focus or just getting those close shots macro shots without picking up any shake in your footage.  It’s way easier to get up close with a monopod than carrying around a tripod with your camera setup.  The top handle and friction arm worked great!  I could hold the camera as low as I could to the ground while filming Landon which wouldn’t have been that easy without laying on the ground the whole time (which I did anyways).  Cinevate and it’s gears with the Gini follow focus (i focus) work perfectly together too.

Another day or two of filming little Landon is needed to get a perfect video together for the parents Randy & Kari but with this new gear it’s making life filming that much easier.

Posted on Apr 09, 2012

Finding a great deal on a great product is what I am all about.  This brings me to my new Cinevate Titan Mattebox which I found on ebay.  The only problem I see with purchasing already used gear is that it could be in not so great shape. But luckily pictures are provided that are actually of the product and you can ask questions to the seller if needed.  This actually arrived and was in perfect condition with only a few scratches from obvious use which means the guy selling it found it useful too. The reason I picked the Cinevate Titan Mattebox was because it has some of the best features out there when I was researching for one plus all Cinevate products have an amazing build quality (Medusa which I bought earlier in the year).  First, I love that it has a “swing away” feature so you can just open it up and change lenses on the fly easily instead of removing the mattebox first or the camera to replace a lens.  It also has a magnetic catch to keep it closed when running around with it.  The magnets are super strong and won’t let your mattebox open by accident.  But if you are worried about that happening at all you can also use the small screw that comes with it to keep it closed.  The filter trays both rotate 180 degrees but I haven’t used them yet since I am still waiting for my ND filter order.  The carbon fiber rods are 15mm and I actually have taken them off the mattebox to use with my follow focus and Medusa cage.  By doing that it makes the mattebox useless since you can’t attach it any other way.  But I only had it taken apart for a few days in order to film some events with my new follow focus.  Here is are a few pics of when I received my Titan Mattebox that I can’t stop talking about it and loving my new setup!  Cinevate’s “Why a Mattebox” video is posted below to help explain the uses of a Mattebox with your dslr or camera.