Posted on Apr 06, 2012

Cinevate makes a really cool cage for filmmakers it’s called Medusa.  The coolest thing about this cage is that you can take it completely apart and use its components for whatever you need. There are 1/4″ threads on everything which makes it a universal piece of equipment.  I took mine apart and used the handles on my “Caleb Pike” rig with a friction arm and quick release base plate before I received my Mattebox and Simplis setup.  Once I received my Mattebox I attached part of the Medusa cage to the top of the Mattebox since there were 1/4″ threads on top.  This gave me a nice top handle which I wouldn’t have otherwise with my battery grip attached to my camera.  Cinevate does sell a Mattebox with the capability for a top handle and extra rails over the top so you can attach your follow focus above the camera which actually gives you more room to move the follow focus if needed.  I am finding that I might have to go that route and get the real accessory but for now this mod works great.  Here are some pics and a Cinevate video about Medusa, follow focus (the real Cinevate Durus), and different ways to rig your stuff around your camera.  Check it out below.


Posted on Mar 17, 2012

I now have in my arsenal of production equipment an amazing Cinevate Atlas 10 slider.  This thing is built like a tank and smooth like butter when sliding anything I throw at it with my DSLR plus attachments.  Even vertical mode is a sweet addition when wanting a different type of shot during production.  I found this awesome slider on the one and only craigslist.  You never know what you will get on craigslist from random sellers but this time it was awesome.  I bought it off of a fellow Vimeo user (that I have been following for over a year) and wedding cinematographer Luke Goodman.  Check out if you are in need of an awesome wedding cinematographer.  He made the whole craigslist process easy for me to purchase this slightly used but in great condition slider from him.  He said it was a little too heavy for all the running around during weddings that he does but instead  would be going with something lighter for himself.  As for me this was perfect because I have always wanted a Cinevate slider ever since they showcased their first Atlas slider a few years ago.  I have a few photos here with my camera and slider in vertical mode.  I had to lock down the tripod head pretty tight to keep it there but it wont budge once tightened and upright like in the photos.  Pretty sweet for my future production shoots.  Adds just a little more to some sequence shots.