Posted on Oct 15, 2010
Posted in Macro Movies

In this video I found a few of my interestingly detailed toys laying around the house to shoot.  There were a few lenses used in the making of this short video along with the bellows adapter to achieve that really close detailed shot of each toy.  The only drawback again is that when the bellows adapter is used it removes any antishake/stabilization built into the lens or camera.  Even on a tripod or slider it can be very difficult to achieve that smooth non shaking movement while filming.  After multiple takes I usually end up trying the “smoothcam” filter in Final Cut which sometimes helps smooth out most of the shaky shots if done right.  Again if anyone missed the last posting of where I find great ideas for filming and equipment go to and just look at all of his posts because there is a wealth of information for both the video professional and the hobbyist.

Historical military toys can be found here:

The video an be found here: