Posted on Mar 19, 2012

Ok.  I have to admit something.  I like antique stores in Albany, Oregon.  It’s awesome to see history from random families dating back to early 1800’s.  But that’s not why I go into them all the time when I am visiting family.  I think it’s the hunting down camera equipment that is really exciting especially when I found some amazing deals on lenses.  The first amazing find was a Canon FL 55mm 1.2 which came with 2 other random lenses.  They were all packaged nicely into a ziplock bag and labeled $15.00!  Yes, only $15.00 for all three.  But the Canon 55mm FL 1.2 was like finding gold.  It’s my favorite manual focus lens out of all my lenses right now.  Now onto the latest find from these antique stores.  I was looking around and saw an old long leather lens case behind some glass in one of these stores.  I thought it was going to be a really old and crappy lens and not a canon mountable one.  Well, it was an old leather case but when the store clerk took the lens out of the old case I found a “PRISTINE” zoom lens by a company I had never hear of called “Asanuma”.  This was a 70-220 3.5 with an older FD mount which I had an adapter for so I could use it right away on my T2i.  The glass and lens body had never been used from what I could tell.  Not a single scratch on the outside and not a single mark on either end of the glass.  This lens even does macro and has a mount on the underside because it is really heavy.  So, now for the price.  Only $30!  I couldn’t believe it.  I tried not to act surprised but I couldn’t help it.  I bought it right away and tried it out.  Amazing!  Here are some pics with my T2i and Seagull viewfinder (like Zacuto).

Posted on Apr 28, 2011
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I recently saw an article on that showed a viewfinder for dslr’s that was cheaper than the regular brands out there by a few hundred dollars. But I guess the question is Does this viewfinder compare in quality? First of all I don’t have the expensive brand viewfinders and this was my first purchase. After receiving the viewfinder in the mail only a few days after buying it on ebay I was in complete amazement. The build quality is exactly what I was hoping for. It’s made from really thick plastic, has very clear optics for the diopter (-4 to +4), and comes with a bracket with double sided tape. I am using it on a T2i so the bracket covers a small amount on each side of the LiveView area on the camera which doesn’t noticeably cover any of the display metering info. I chose to also purchase a glass viewfinder eyepiece cover from ebay. This was also on cheesycam’s website awhile back. I got this in conjunction with the viewfinder so that I could permanently attach the “bracket” that came with the Seagull viewfinder to the glass protector/eyepiece. this way I would easily remove the entire thing if needed. Once I received the glass protector I decided to remove the glass in order to not lose any stops of light when viewing the LiveView through the viewfinder. This was kind of accidental since I broke the glass after sticking the adhesive side of the bracket slightly off center. It worked to my advantage. Both of these products work great together or separately depending on what you would want to do with the viewfinder. I can easily say the Seagull 3″ dslr viewfinder is crafter really well and by saving hundreds of dollars for those low budget/no budget filmmakers this works great!
Glass viewfinder protector: Glass LCD protector
Here is the ebay item by Seagull : Seagull Viewfinder
Here is the VF Prime on Amazon: VF viewfinder
If any Seagull purchasers need another bracket go here: VF bracket
Of course I have not purchased this bracket myself but it looks identical to the seagull brand found on ebay so purchase at your own risk. For $10 it’s not a bad deal to try if you need another bracket. I personally like the blue logo from Seagull rather than the VF brand orange color but that’s a personal opinion. Either way the product will be the same and you can’t go wrong.

Posted on Apr 18, 2011
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I have been helping with the promotion and video production for the nomination of Randy Ksar for the “Man of the Year” campaign for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I interviewed Randy a month or so ago at night in his front yard because of the ambiance of that location. Some of the gear I used for this shoot was:
2 Canon T2i’s
Igus Diy slider ( with Friction Arm (Friction Power Arm)
2 can lights with clamps (from home depot)
1 LED work light (home depot) (Home Depot LED Work Light)
Z96 LED (Z96 LED)
55mm 1.2 FD Lens
50mm 1.8
135mm 3.5 FD Lens
Zoom H1 audio recorder
Sennheiser wirelesss mic set

A lot of my equipment was purchased due to Emm at and his many helpful reviews on a huge variety of dslr production equipment.

The whole production recording was shot within an hour and Randy did an amazing job telling his story of how he became involved with LLS and Team in Training. I enjoyed creating this video for such a great cause that he has been involved in for many years and raised a lot of money for too. To find out more information on how to get involved or if you would like to help please watch his story and check out Together we will find a cure for cancer. Thank you for your donations and sharing this video.

Posted on Sep 12, 2010
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Ok, it’s been way too long since my last blog entry. I am so excited about my new company and the new tools I have created and purchased to help with production. I have been looking at dslr cameras as a stand in product to use before the RED Scarlet comes out and found the Canon T2i to be cheap enough and still have the production quality I have been trying to achieve with 35mm adapters on my video cameras. This dslr is awesome and can also use most of my old canon FD lenses with an adapter. I say most of the old lenses because some don’t allow infinite focus because of the adapter that is being used to attach these old lenses. But Macro focus does work with all of them. This new camera will help give me a way cleaner look to my film projects rather than the Jag35 adapter which causes huge light loss when using any lens. I love the Jag adapter because it gave me the film grain look I was trying to achieve and the Depth of field from the lenses used.

Now onto my favorite new website called
DIY DSLR full cage
This site is awesome because if you are trying to figure out best pricing, reviews, and other random video production things for yourself it has everything you could ask for. I love DIY projects which allow me to build video capable rigs for low cost to my pocket book. The latest build was for a camera cage with parts found at home depot and a skater dolly with parts found at my local Big5 sporting goods. The deal I found for creating the skater dolly was a sale for a beginner skateboard. All I needed was the trucks, wheels and bearing to help create this awesome skater dolly for my camera. The camera cage parts were easily found at home depot but I made the mistake of buying the items shown in the DIY video instead of asking if those were the actual parts needed. This meant multiple trips to the depot before assembling the cage. Also, my brother in law Donald Reeb is a pro bike rider who I hit up for some much needed bike grips for the finishing touches on the cage. I have pictures added for both these items.

On another huge note, I now have an up and coming new company called Heavensent Films. This company is based off of my daughter and her being the miracle baby to my wife and I. And during her almost 2 years now I have created multiple videos of her growing up during this time. I have found my new passion in life creating baby videos and want to share this form of creative videos with other families to have of their new born babies. I do believe these videos will be something to cherish for the whole family and fun to look back on and watch as they get older. Stay tuned for the website and more info.
Heavensent Films